SONA Diamonds


 Diamonds can be found in three natural forms (amorphous carbon, graphite, diamond).
There are two types of diamonds: natural diamonds, which can be mined from the
Earth’s surface and & formed by nature, and synthetic diamonds are crafted,
by man, in a laboratory using special equipment, high-pressure and high-temperature.
Although synthetic diamonds are typically used for industrial purposes,
an increasing number of companies has started creating jewelry with them.

Man made diamonds are real diamonds, but they are a lot cheaper
because they have been manipulated in the laboratory. In general,
lab-created diamonds are superior to simulants, such as cubic Zirconium
or Moissanite. One of the major aspects that prove the quality of man made
diamonds is the cut. The cut is the one that offers the brilliance and sparkle
of a diamond. The good news is that man made diamonds are crafted in
controlled environments, and in most cases, they have a more precise cut
than natural diamonds. With this in mind, let’s take a look at two of the most
respected manufacturers of man made diamonds in the industry,
as well as a few examples of rings that they sell.

A process of extreme heat and pressure applied to real diamond and sapphire
to form a composite hybrid diamond simulant. ... This scientific achievement
is a milestone both for Sona Diamond and for the jewelry industry, as it represents
the first known jewelry usage of a non-cubic zirconia form of diamond simulant."

Brilliant Earth’s lab created diamonds have the same physical, optical,
and chemical properties as our natural diamonds. Even when using
professional gemological equipment, lab created diamonds are nearly
impossible to differentiate from natural diamonds and can only be
identified with extensive scientific testing using specialized equipment.
Lab created diamonds should come with a gem certification
identifying them as laboratory grown.

Arriving at a process that allows for the same composition in
lab created and mined diamonds has taken decades, and
not compromising quality has been worth the wait.

Lab created diamonds are an appealing option for many
brides and grooms—they are slightly more affordable
than their naturally-mined counterparts and are starting
to become available in larger sizes. Brilliant Earth is
pleased to offer a wide selection of colorless lab diamonds.

Of course, this process isn’t—and shouldn’t be—all about cost.
Brides and grooms looking to reduce their carbon footprint
without sacrificing the look or feel of their diamond may be
particularly drawn to lab created diamonds. Ultimately,
selecting and wearing an engagement ring, and the diamond
or gemstone sits at its center, should be a deeply personal
and romantic experience. We would be honored to help
you navigate—and enjoy—this incredible milestone.